Our Approach:

We invest in disruptive early stage technology companies. SPARK looks to invest at Series A level in the financing gap between business angels and later stage venture capitalists. We have worked and continue to work with some of Europe's most exciting start-ups. Working side by side with our entrepreneurs helping to make their ideas a reality and creating long lasting growth. We have helped our entrepreneurs attract world-class follow on investors from Goldman Sachs to Intel as well as achieving a number of exits to established global brands such as Google, Microsoft, Pearson, Dell and The Financial Times.


Digital media

Internet and mobile based retail

Big data

Cloud computing

Enterprise software

Internet of things

Telemedicine and IT in healthcare


Provides quality deal flow from its own business network established over 15 years in the early stage venture capital business.

Researches and analyses sectors to seek out the best opportunities.

Regular attendee of UK and EU technology conferences. 

Decides on capital allocation and other resources.

Assembles Boards of directors.

Hands-on management of operations and further selection other senior personnel.

Mapping and identifying opportunities/ strategic partners for business expansion or co-operation potential.

Advisory work on developing high growth, expansion, sector strategy and exit to a strategic buyer or to the stock exchange.

Criteria for Investing:

Strong and committed management teams

Identifiable and addressable markets with strong growth potential

Disruptive business model or technology

Strong defensibility 

Clear exit strategy